The Initiative

We focus on cleaner fuels and a safer environment for our children.

The Reasons

To reduce bus emissions, extend the life of the fleet, and save districts money.

The Results

Participating Ohio schools have seen lower fuel usage, better bus performance, and dramatic reduction in emissions.

Clean Fuels For Schools Initiative

What is The Clean Fuels For Schools Initiative?

The Clean Fuels For Schools initiative is a public, private partnership developed to assist Ohio schools in developing and integrating new technologies and best practices that improve their energy security, economic stewardship and environmental commitment.

Initiative partners work specifically with schools to embrace a cleaner standard for their fuel storage tanks and the use of new high-performance fuels. This program is offered to Ohio schools with fuel storage and dispensing capability.

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Thousands of school buses in Ohio and across the nation emit harmful polluting emissions every day while carrying millions of our children.

School bus fleets use a lot of fuel that they retrieve from onsite storage tanks. This makes it easier to implement upgrades and measure results.

Each school that has adopted this clean fuel program has experienced significant savings and the removal of hundreds of thousands of pounds less of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide that don’t get emitted from their bus fleets each year.

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Cleaner Fuel Burns Better

Dispensed fuel

Recent studies show that the North American fuel supply is contaminated. The supply line consisting of pipelines, transport tanks, and vehicle tanks has become a volatile environment of microbial and other contaminants. The World Wide Fuel Charter states, “50% of all diesel fuel dispensed does not meet the International Standards Organization (ISO) codes for cleanliness”.

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Getting Started

1. Contact EcoChem
2. Fill out simple 1 page survey about your fleet
3. Get tank inspection performed by Refuel or EAF
4. EAF will do a Business Case & Impact analyses specific for your fleet
5. Develop action plan
6. Implementation

Additional considerations

  • State and Local press releases “Good steward of tax dollars”
  • Green Fleet consideration

Delivery method

A. HPCD can currently be deleivered by way of transport load from Marion Oil (50 miles)

B. (or) through a mobile refinement unit after your fuel has been delivered (within 500 miles of Columbus)


The Clean Fuels For Schools program will have a beneficial and long-term impact on overall engine life cycle, maintenance intervals, fuel economy and emissions. This critical data will be tracked and benchmarked now for the betterment of all Ohio school bus fleets.

Changing The Industry

Industry experts, government policy makers and stakeholders around the world have developed and put into place, energy efficient and clean air initiatives with goals reaching out to 2025 and beyond, but fuel storage and fuel quality are still in a vulnerable state, due to the antiquated and contaminated supply chain. And so a “partnership” was formed to support a statewide initiative to clean up Ohio Schools fuel infrastructure and upgrade it with today’s best technology.

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